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Oregon Guide Service offering fishing Guide Service for Portland, Oregon and all areas of the state of Oregon and Oregon Guide Service. Oregon guide service offers fishing trips on the Columbia River, Willamette River and popular rivers near Portland, Oregon.

Fishing guides in Oregon offer half day fishing trips and full day guided fishing trips on Oregon rivers. Fishing reports tell us that Oregon fishing guides know how to catch fish like Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon.

Adult Salmon Coho daily limit increased on three
portions of the Oregon guide service on the Columbia River

Oregon Guide Service fishes for Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon at Tillamook Bay, Buoy 10, the Columbia river, Willamette, Wilson, Trask, Kilchis, Nestucca, Clackamas, & Siletz rivers. We fish from a 23' Alumaweld Jet Sled & a 17' Drift Boat.

The top Oregon fishing guides offer fishing guide service for Salmon & Sturgeon at Tillamook Bay, Oregon coastal rivers, & Northwest Oregon rivers & streams in addition to Astoria area Sturgeon on the lower Columbia.

Department of Fish and Wildlife
Spring Chinook fishery will reopen
May 15 on the lower Columbia River
OLYMPIA - With thousands of spring Chinook Salmon now moving up fish ladders at Bonneville Dam, fishery managers from Washington and Oregon have agreed to reopen the popular Salmon fishery on the lower Columbia River through June 15.
Starting Sunday, May 15, boat and bank anglers can fish for hatchery-reared spring Chinook Salmon from Rocky Point/Tongue Point upriver to Beacon Rock. Bank fishing will also be allowed four miles farther upriver to the fishing boundary below Bonneville Dam.
Anglers can retain one hatchery-reared adult Chinook Salmon as part of their daily limit.
All wild Chinook not marked as hatchery fish by a clipped adipose fin must be released unharmed.
In areas open to spring Chinook fishing, anglers may also retain sockeye Salmon and hatchery steelhead under regulations outlined in the Fishing in Washington rules pamphlet.
Since late April, the number of Chinook Salmon passing Bonneville Dam has increased dramatically, opening the door to additional fishing opportunities, said Cindy LeFleur, Columbia River policy coordinator for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).
On May 11, state and tribal fishery managers raised their initial estimate of upriver-bound spring Chinook from 198,400 fish to 210,000 fish, making thousands more Chinook Salmon available for harvest on the lower river.
"The fish took their time moving upriver, but they’re making up for it now," LeFleur said. "This opening will give anglers another chance to catch spring Chinook on the lower river."
Under the updated run forecast, anglers fishing below Bonneville Dam can catch up to 3,800 more upriver spring Chinook, including some still available from the initial fishing season that ended April 19. The late timing of this year’s run, together with cold, turbid water conditions, held the total catch during the early fishery below the area harvest guideline.
Additional fish also became available to anglers this week when fishery managers lifted a 30 percent "buffer" on the pre-season forecast, designed as a safeguard against overharvesting the run. Now that run forecast has been raised, those fish are available for harvest.
"The surge of fish that contributed to the new forecast provides a lot more certainty in setting fishing seasons on the Columbia River," LeFleur said.
LeFleur noted that the decision to reopen the spring Chinook fishery on the lower river does not apply to waters above Bonneville Dam or to the Snake River.
The Columbia River fishery above Bonneville Dam closed May 10 after anglers reached their catch allocation under the new run forecast. On the Snake River, spring Chinook fishing will close below Ice Harbor Dam May 14 and on the rest of the river May 16. There, too, anglers are expected to reach their current catch allocation after a stretch of good fishing.
"We may consider reopening fisheries in those areas if strong returns of spring Chinook Salmon keep bumping up the run forecast," LeFleur said. "But that will be a separate decision."

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Willamette River Fishing Guides are booking trips on the Upper & Lower Columbia River, including Buoy 10, Willamette River, Tillamook Bay, Nehalem Bay & Clackamas River for Salmon/Steelhead, Shad & Sturgeon.
We specialize in Oversize sturgeon, these fish range in size from 6 feet to ? and often break the surface of the water to make for an excellent photo. You’ll be fishing with a Coast Guard licensed guide in a 24’ Willie Raptor open sled. All the bait and gear is provided for the species of fish you are going after, with hot coffee and lunch provided.
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N.W. Sturgeon Adventures

We offer 1/2 and full day sturgeon trips on the Scenic Columbia and Willamette rivers in Portland, Oregon or just minutes away.

We run a fully covered and heated custom 2006 22ft Alumaweld for your comfort and safety. With over 25 years fishing for sturgeon, I can guarantee you a fun filled adventurous day.

Sturgeon is the ONLY thing we fish for so if you want to fish for Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, Carp or Catfish you'll need to find another fishing guide service. If you want to fish for Sturgeon contact N.W. Sturgeon Adventures for the best
experience you'll find.



The best fishing guides in Oregon provide all tackle and bait for all his trips, and are pretty good with a net too. These fishing charters get lots of practice. Maybe it's time to book your trip and join one for some of this fantastic action. "I recommend booking early for the best dates. The best openings fill up fast."
Columbia River Sturgeon fishing between the states of Oregon and Washington with quality Oregon fishing guides because they provide constant action and sometimes a keeper Sturgeon or a trophy Sturgeon can give you a great fight that you will never forget.

Action:   Liberalizes adult Coho daily limit on three portions of the mainstem Columbia River.  

Species affected:   Coho Salmon

Effective date:   Oct. 22 through Dec. 31, 2009

Fishing Locations:  

Lower Columbia River from the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to a line projected from the Warrior Rock Lighthouse through Red Buoy #4 to the orange marker atop the dolphin on the lower end of Bachelor Island -  The daily limit is 6 fish.  Up to 3 may be adults of which no more than 2 may be hatchery steelhead.  Release all Salmon other than hatchery Coho.  Salmon minimum size is 12 inches.   

Lower Columbia River from a line projected from the Warrior Rock Lighthouse upstream to Bonneville Dam - The daily limit is 6 fish.  Up to 3 may be adults of which no more than 2 may be hatchery steelhead.  Only one adult Chinook may be retained.  Release all Salmon other than Chinook and hatchery coho.  Salmon minimum size is 12 inches.    

Bonneville Dam upstream to the Hwy. 395 Bridge at Pasco - The daily limit is 6 fish.  Up to 3 may be adults.  No more than 2 may be hatchery steelhead or Chinook or one of each.  Release all Salmon other than Chinook and Coho.  Release wild Coho from Bonneville Dam to the Hood River Bridge.  Salmon minimum size is 12 inches.

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